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Dear colleagues and friends,


I would like to invite you to the OASIS8 conference that will be held in Tel Aviv on 12-13 December 2022, the 8th in the series of the highly successful OASIS (Optical Engineering and Science in Israel) bi-annual conferences.  These conferences present the latest advances in photonics, both in Israel and worldwide. High scientific standards mixed with collaboration spirit is the name of our game.


OASIS8 was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it will be time to meet again, catch up with new topics and start collaborations and networking.   

You may look at our OASIS7 website to understand the scope of the OASIS conferences. We had 1400 participants, 200 were from abroad, more than 100 lectures in 15 sessions, and 60 exhibitors, representing 100 companies from all over the world.


On the third page of the WEB, there are links to video clips showing some of the successful photonics industries in Israel.

The OASIS8 conference will be of the same format.  It will take place in the David International Hotel, next to the beautiful beach of Tel Aviv, a thriving 24/7 city with more than one million visitors a year. Further details will be sent in the future.


Prof. Abraham Katzir

Tel-Aviv University, Israel

OASIS8 Conference Chair

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